Leggings That Are Squat Proof – Staying Covered During Workouts

Leggings That Are Squat Proof – Staying Covered During Workouts

Leggings have become a go-to staple in many women’s wardrobes, prized for their comfort, versatility, and flexibility during workouts and everyday wear. However, cheaper or poorly made leggings can become see-through when stretched and strained, leaving you inadvertently exposed.

The rising popularity of the squat proof leggings trend shows active women are seeking opaque options that maintain coverage, even during deep squats and lunges. This comprehensive guide will overview what makes leggings reliably squat proof and provide tips for identifying pairs guaranteed to keep you covered.

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What Makes Leggings Squat Proof?

Several key factors determine how effectively leggings retain opacity and avoid revealing sheariness during exercise and movement:

  • Fabric thickness and density – Thicker fabrics keep shape when stretched. Optimal opacity ratings are at least 7/8 (85%) or 100%.
  • Compressive stretch fabrics – Compression resists thinning and sheerness. Spandex/elastane blends aid recovery.
  • Reinforced seams and stitching – Strong seams prevent ripping or holes during squats. Double-stitching adds structure.
  • Darker colors and bold patterns – Light colors go sheer more easily. Dark shades and prints disguise transparency.
  • Matte finish – Limits light reflection off fabric. Glossy leggings showcase every lump and bump.
  • High quality construction – Use of performance fabrics, stitching methods and tailored fit prevents breakdown over time.

Leggings made purposefully with these squat-proof features allow you to move through any workout with confidence.

How to Choose Squat Proof Leggings

When shopping for leggings guaranteed to pass the squat test, analyze product information to look for:

  • Specific opacity percentages and ratings where available – Seek 7/8, 85% or 100% opacity.
  • Thicker, compressive fabrics described like “scuba” and “performance” versus thin, stretchy ones.
  • Material content with at least 10% spandex/elastane for adequate compression.
  • Details confirming seams are reinforced or double stitched for strength.
  • Darker solid color options and graphic prints versus pale shades.
  • Matte or brushed fabric finish to limit sheerness.
  • Reviews that confirm wearers found the leggings reliably squat proof during workouts.

By scrutinizing product descriptions, materials, and reviews for these features, you can identify leggings certain to preserve your coverage.

Style and Fit Factors for Squat Proofness

In addition to fabric considerations, the overall cut and style of squat proof leggings maximize security:

  • High-rise waists stay anchored in place preventing sagging or sliding.
  • Compression zones, tummy control panels, and contoured waistbands provide targeted slimming and support.
  • Ankle-length inseams give maximum coverage during deep squats, lunges and floor exercises.

Leggings specifically engineered with strategic fabrics, paneling, and a stay-put fit ensure unrestricted movement without worry.

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Top Brands for Squat Proof Activewear

Many athletic brands now design leggings with features to guarantee durable opacity. Recommended brands include:

Outdoor Voices – CloudKnit material guarantees sweat-wicking coverage, even in lighter colors. Offered in 7/8, mid and 3/4 lengths.

Girlfriend Collective – High-quality, sustainably-made options available up to size 6XL and excellent at passing the squat test.

Lululemon – Luxury leggings constructed from proprietary technical fabrics resist showing sweat and maintain structure.

Athleta – Powervita fabric includes an opacity rating so you can select your preferred coverage level.

Fabletics – Budget-friendly opaque options perfect for low-impact activities and everyday athleisure wear.

Yogalicious – Affordable moisture-wicking performance leggings featuring reinforced seams and gusset lining.

When in doubt, turn to brands designing opacity directly into their activewear for guaranteed squat proof coverage.

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Conducting a Squat Test at Home

When trying new leggings, conduct a simple squat test at home to look for any gaps in coverage:

  • Put leggings on and examine in natural light inside out first to spot overly thin areas.
  • Perform a series of deep squats, checking for any reveal where fabric stretches. Enlist a friend’s help if possible.
  • Inspect closely for holes, tears, light shine-through and areas of sheerness in the upper inner thighs, rear and pelvic region.
  • Take note of any spots that require opacity boosting undergarments or creams.
  • Repeat test periodically as leggings can become more transparent with wear and laundering over time.

This easy squat confirmation gives you peace of mind to workout and move freely without worrying about inadvertent exposure.

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Caring for Leggings to Maintain Effective Opacity

Follow these care tips to help retain the squat proof powers of your leggings:

  • Wash in cold water to avoid damage from heat. Hot water can degrade fabric integrity over time.
  • Limit washing when possible. Spot clean sweaty areas and air out leggings between wears.
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low. High heat further deteriorates stretchy performance fabrics.
  • Avoid harsh detergents, fabric softeners or dryer sheets that impair textile fibers.
  • Inspect leggings inside out periodically for thinning fabric, tearing seams or holes.
  • Retire leggings once compression declines or if opacity cannot be restored.

With the proper laundry and storage habits, quality leggings can maintain coverage through countless squats and workouts ahead.

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Don’t let worries about accidentally sheer leggings keep you from confident workouts and freedom of movement. Seek out leggings intentionally designed with integrated squat proof construction. Analyze fabrics, seams, rise, and length along with reviews to identify leggings guaranteed to preserve your coverage. Premium athletic brands now engineer opacity into their activewear so you can power through any fitness routine without distraction. The best squat proof leggings act as a second skin, moving with you unrestricted while concealing everything underneath. With the guidance above, you can find leggings that pass the squat test with flying colors.

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