Leggings That Don’t Show Cellulite – A Guide to Concealing Bumps and Lumps

Leggings That Don’t Show Cellulite - A Guide to Concealing Bumps and Lumps

Leggings have become a wardrobe staple for many active women, prized for their versatility, comfort and flexibility for both fitness and everyday wear. However, the tight fit of leggings can also spotlight and showcase every dimple, bump and ripple of cellulite on the body – not always the look we want when sporting them to the gym or around town!

While small pockets of fat creating a dimpled appearance is normal, certain legging fabrics, constructions, colors and styles can help smooth and conceal the appearance of cellulite under clothing. This comprehensive guide will overview the causes of cellulite, as well as provide tips on choosing the best leggings guaranteed to disguise and diminish the look of those pesky dents.

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fatty deposits in the hypodermis push up against the connective tissue under the skin. This creates a rippled, dimpled appearance, most visible on the thighs, rear, and stomach. Several factors can contribute to and worsen the look of cellulite:

  • Hormones – Estrogen especially impacts fat storage and cellulite. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can trigger cellulite.
  • Genetics – Structural factors like metabolism, circulation, and fat distribution patterns are inherited.
  • Weight gain – Increased body fat leads to more fat accumulation in the hypodermis and worsens cellulite.
  • Lack of exercise – Inactivity results in decreased muscle tone which accentuates the appearance of cellulite.
  • Poor diet – Consuming excess sugar, refined carbs, and unhealthy fats spurs fat storage.
  • Dehydration – Proper circulation and water balance minimize fluid retention and the “cottage cheese” look.

While cellulite is normal and most common in women, its appearance can be reduced with strategic clothing choices and fabrics designed to conceal lumps and bumps.

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Tips for Choosing Anti-Cellulite Leggings

The good news is certain legging materials, construction methods, colors and styles can help minimize the look of cellulite under clothing. Here’s what to look for:

1. Compressive Fabric

Compression is key when it comes to smoothing and masking the appearance of cellulite. Leggings made with elastic, shape-retaining fabrics that hug the body help even out imperfections. Spandex, nylon and polyester blends offer bounce-back compression without sagging over time.

2. Thick, Opaque Material

Sheer, thin leggings spotlight every dimple and curve. Fabrics with more weight and structure to them better disguise bumps and ripples. Look for substantial fabrics like Ponte knit, scuba knit, neoprene or thick jersey knits. Opt for at least 7/8 (85%) opacity.

3. Darker Colors and Patterns

Light colors spotlight and draw attention to lumps and bumps. Bold allover prints, patterns and darker shades help camouflage imperfections. Go for black, navy and forest green leggings or busy patterns like geometric shapes or floral prints that disguise.

4. Mid to High Waist Styles

Higher rises keep leggings anchored firmly in place, preventing sagging, sliding, and riding up which reveals cellulite trouble spots. Mid-waist or high-waisted leggings stay put through squats, sprints, and high intensity exercise.

5. Matte Finish

Shiny legging fabrics reflect light and can enhance the appearance of ripples and shadows from cellulite. A matte finish provides a flattened, light-diffusing surface that helps diminish the look of dimples. Search for leggings using terms like “matte”, “brushed” or “jumbo” which indicate a matte texture.

6. Targeted Compression

Opt for leggings offering built-in tummy control panels, compression zones, or contouring lines that target and smooth common problem areas like the hips, thighs and rear. Compression helps minimize the bulges and shadows caused by cellulite.

7. Ankle-Length Inseams

Full-length leggings minimize friction while also covering more surface area. Cropped, capri, and ankle-length leggings spotlight the legs and put imperfections on display. Look for leggings with at least a 28” inseam.

Using these tips to identify legging features and fabrics designed to conceal and minimize the appearance of cellulite allows you to shop confidently. Brands now engineer leggings with cellulite smoothing in mind.

Fabrics That Hide Cellulite

When shopping for leggings to disguise and control cellulite, look for these keywords to identify slimming fabrics:

  • Compression or Firm Compression
  • Sculpting, Shaping or Contouring
  • Thick, Opaque, or Ultra Opaque
  • Matte Finish or Brushed Fabrics
  • High-Waisted, Mid-Waisted, or Shaping Waistband
  • Tummy Control or Targeted Compression Zones
  • Ankle Length or Full Length Inseams

Here are some top brands using advanced fabrics and fits to design leggings guaranteed to help smooth and hide bumps and lumps:

Spanx – The original shapewear brand. Look for their leather and velvet compression leggings.

Wolven– Their CarbonFlex leggings use strategic compression panels to target problem areas.

Koral – Innovative fabrics like Lustrous, Gravity, and Shine On provide smoothing compression.

Victoria Sport – VS Sport Heatgear leggings control and contour the body with breathable compression.

Athleta – Powervita, Salutation Stash, and Sculptek fabric technology combines compression with slimming.

Lululemon– Buttery soft performance fabrics like Nulu, Luxtreme, and Wunder Under hug curves and conceal cellulite.

Yummie – Skinnies Compression leggings and ultra high-waisted Chelsea leggings prevent sagging and ride up.

Follow the fabric guidance above to identify leggings guaranteed to help smooth and hide pesky cellulite dimples so you can move freely and confidently.


Mix and Match Must-Have Features for Anti-Cellulite Leggings

Build your ideal cellulite-smoothing leggings by strategically mixing and matching these slimming features:

  • A compressive fabric infused with stretchy spandex, nylon or polyester to hug curves
  • A high or mid-rise waistband specifically contoured to stay put and not slide down
  • A matte finish or brushed fabric that diffuses light rather than accentuating bumps
  • A dark color or allover bold pattern that disguises and camouflages dimples
  • Built-in tummy control panels, compression zones, or contour seams that target problem areas
  • Full ankle-length inseams for maximum coverage and friction reduction

With the right combination of technical fabrics and a body-hugging, stay-put flattering silhouette, you can contain and conceal cellulite for confidence during workouts, all-day wear, and nights out.

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Caring for Your Leggings

To get the longest wear from cellulite-concealing leggings while maintaining their slimming powers:

  • Hand wash cold and line dry to prevent damage to compressive fabrics from heat
  • Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets which can degrade the compression over time
  • Fold leggings cleanly rather than bunching to avoid creases which can stretch out the fabric
  • Follow size charts carefully and consider sizing down for a more compressive fit
  • Replace leggings about every 6 months or when compression capability seems to decline

Properly caring for your leggings helps retain their cellulite-busting magic wear after wear. Quality compression leggings should continue sculpting your rear and thighs for a supermodel-worthy silhouette!

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Don’t let annoying cellulite prevent you from wearing cute leggings and feeling your best. The right legging fabrics, construction, colors and style make it possible to smooth and conceal pesky dimples and ripples. Look for leggings that compress trouble spots while using optical illusions like patterns and colors to fool the eye. Combine with healthy lifestyle habits for the slimmest looking legs possible. With the right mix of technical fabrics and fit tricks, you can tackle areas you want to flaunt, not hide!

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